The Summer Piano Lessons (TRIAL)

Not sure if piano lessons are right for you?
  • No commitment required after 6 lessons!
  • No piano or keyboard required!
  • Offered only in June, July and August

What is the Summer Piano Lessons?
This is a great way to try out piano lessons before committing to piano lessons for a longer term.  You may not be sure if you or your child will like piano lessons or you are not sure if you should buy a piano.  The Summer Piano Lessons is a great low-cost opportunity to try out before you make a longer commitment.

What is the cost?
The Summer Piano Lesson is a flat fee of $192 for one student or $288 for two students taking the lesson together.  This includes Six 30-minute lessons and all materials needed for those 6 lessons.

When will my Summer Piano Lessons be?
You will schedule times and dates that work for you. Availability is based on open slots at the moment.  Ideally, you should plan to attend 1 lesson each week, but this is flexible so you can schedule at your convenience.

Who can take the Summer Piano Lessons?
Anyone 5 years old or older and adults that are interested in taking piano lessons for the first time before making a full-time commitment to lessons or buying a piano or keyboard.

Do I need a piano or keyboard?
Not for the Summer Piano Lessons.  If you decide to continue lessons, then a piano or weighted keyboard will be required.  Please note, students will generally progress much faster if they have an instrument available at home or at another location to practice on between lessons.  

What happens if I have to miss a lesson?
If you need to reschedule one lesson, you have to contact me at least 24 hours before the lesson time; otherwise, you will lose the lesson.

How does it work for two people to try the lesson?
Two students already have to know each other such as friends or siblings.  The fee for the lessons for two people taking together and do all the activities together is a total fee of $288.